Young Cricket is a ninja in the WarioWare series. He has a master named Master Mantis. They appear in WarioWare Smooth Moves and WarioWare D.I.Y.
Young Cricket and Master Mantis

Young Cricket is on the left, and Master Mantis is on the right.

In WarioWare Smooth MovesEdit

Enter Young CricketEdit

This is where he makes his first appearence. Cricket and Mantis are walking the street, when they smell something, and turn to a bunch of people. They then see Mona and others with snacks at a stand. Cricket wants them really badly, so he hops on a bunch of peoples heads to get to the front of it. He arrives in front of it, and the people all have bumps on their heads, and Cricket goes back to Mantis. He then proposes to get in line.


Random microgames are presented as always, and no new forms are learned. The Boss Stage is #15, uses The Waiter. The command given is "Stack!", and a WiiMote unfolds for the player to stack blocks. A tray is given once the WiiMote unfolds. The first blocks are grey, and the last is red. The player must then hold it there for 3 seconds, and if they are sucsessful, they've won! The rest of the blocks then change color, and confetti falls, the rest of the screen is motionless.

WarioWare Smooth Moves - Young Cricket Stage

WarioWare Smooth Moves - Young Cricket Stage

Story is beginning to 1:13 and 4:45 to end. The rest is gameplay.

In WarioWare D.I.Y.Edit

The Two play a minor role here, only hosting the dojo, where the player may learn new techniques for making games.