WarioWare Inc is the first game in the WarioWare series. The plot circles around Wario watching a commercial showing Pyoro, a popular video game. Wario hatches an idea for a new video game WarioWare. Soon he hires his freinds to help him make his game.


The game ends with Wario and Dr. Crygor on a raft, complaining about the money Wario lost.

Charecters and their genres. Edit

Here are the charecters and their Microgame Genres:

Wario - Genre - Introduction

Jimmy T. - Genre - Sports

Dribble - Genre - Sci Fi and Kung Fu

Spitz - Genre - Sci Fi and Kung Fu

Mona - Genre - Strange

9-Volt - Genre - Nintendo

Orbulon - Genre- IQ

Dr. Crygor - Genre - Reality

Kat - Genre - Nature

Ana - Genre - Flower