Ashley is a witch in training. Her sidekick is Red. In WarioWare Smooth Moves, Ashley is in her library when a spell book pops up then the player plays microgames. Her games don't have a theme until WarioWare: D.I.Y.(which is food.) She has featured in 4 games, as well as FNaW

In WarioWare: Touched!Edit

Story Ashley is in her mansion with Red, and she is making a potion. She already has at least a lizard, an onion with the roots and a face, and apple with no leaf on the stem, and an eyeball. A small monster comes out, leaving Ashley and Red unsatisfied, while Orbulon's ship gets struck by lightning. Orbulon falls out of his ship and lands just outside her yark, while the two are walking outside the mansion. Orbulon starts running, and bumps into Ashley. Ashley gets furious, and Orbulon runs away after an apology. Ashley tells Red that Orbulon, referred to as "That alien", is the missing ingredient, and Red realises that he must chase after him, leaving Orbulon confused. Red fails to catch him, apologizing to Ashley. Ashley accepts, saying she'll just use him instead. Red is shocked, but doesn't try to run, probably because Ashley is more powerful. Ashley probably made it so that Red can transform into her wand.


Ashley's micogames involve dragging the stylus across the touch srceen. Her theme plays throughout the stage, and tries are represented by jack-o-lanterns at the top of the screen. The minigame at the end has a command of "Infiltrate!", and envolves steering something resembling the Earth through an obstacle course set in space, while something resembling the Moon orbits it extremely quickly, and fires blue, automatic lasers. You get the Moon partway through from an astrouaut, with a command of "Help!", and you use it to shoot down a much bigger planet as, with many obstacles in the way. Different music plays here. If you replay this stage, after every round, you get to pet Ashley's stuffed bunny, the head falling off if you do.

Wario Ware Touched Part 6 - Ashley Stage

Wario Ware Touched Part 6 - Ashley Stage

0:21-2:08 & 5:09-5:41 are story, and in between is gameplay. Before and after are minor parts.

In WarioWare: Smooth MovesEdit

The Loquacious Spell Book Ashley and Red are reading a gigantic book inside the library, and she decides to try out the spell of turning a sprout into some sort of demonic plant, representing a pirahna plant. She only makes a flower, and is upset about it. A spell book then comes down offering an idea. After this idea, Ashley trie the spell again on another sprout, and she is completely satisfied with the results, cracking a smile at the end, although Red is scared.


The Microgames do not have a theme, but the Boss Stage seems to, which is food. The player uses The Discard position, and waits for a sandwhich to be made, with a command of "Take when ready!" and then takes it. It has some things that aren't edible, and some that would be considered disgusting.
WarioWare Smooth Moves - Ashley Stage

WarioWare Smooth Moves - Ashley Stage

Story is beginning to 1:13 & 4:10 to end. The rest is gameplay.

A flag is then placed on top of it.

Gallery Edit

Ashley 1


Ashley screenshot

A screenshot of Ashley casting a spell on a plant from WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Ashley screenshot 2

A screenshot of Ashleys level from WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Lyrics to Ashley's song (not part of actual game).

Lyrics to Ashley's song. The picture is not official.

Ashley 2

Ashley and Red.